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N'uhlr, Hyrst

See: Hyrst N'uhlr


Nation / Forest

N.O.F. stands for Nathaniel's Other Forest, though few use the long name. It has served as the base for most of the druid factions since the Shattering. Although this is mostly a dark and tangled wood, don't be fooled into thinking that comes as an accident of nature. The druids have shaped it every step of the way.

Naaz - Tiiz




Male Human

King, High Tronbaum

Status: Dead

Born: -115 AS, Died: -33 AS

Father: Swinell

Mother: Metromil

New Tronbaum


History, etc.

The New Kingdom of High Tronbaum was founded as a political entity 2650 years ago when the Pallid Throne of ancient High Tronbaum was re-consecrated in Finagle. At the height of its power in the millennia before the SHATTERING, its ancient namesake's borders would, on Zam's present geography, stretch from the Unwanted Mountains to halfway between Zoofeld and Buh; from Sczaaczuhn to Buhnn (Frenkenford). At the time of its founding, New Tronbaum barely exceeded a triangle formed by Finagle, Smattering and Zoofeld.

New Tronbaum is mostly between lawful good and neutral good in alignment.

Political Factions

The Pallid Throne

Carved out of a meteorite about 10000 years ago, it is a magical device of great subtlety and complexity. Within it may be stored several score spells of high power, all of which may be invoked by the rightful wearer of the Obsidian Crown. The throne maintains separation of the many dweamors by holding them largely in interplanar space. This technique has caused the throne to become sentient in an utterly inhuman manner. The throne thinks of itself both as being the state of New Tronbaum and as being a mother to all its people. In its one hundred centuries of existence, many a spell or power has been stored into it that has been forgotten to mortals. In color, it is a translucent milky green, and it gives the impression of being very tentative in its hold on reality.

The throne is automatically aware of the doings of the ex-queen, the undead Mergatril. It feels that a reconciliation between her and Hyrst would be ideal for all involved. This shows a lack of understanding of human (and Half Elvish) nature.

Next-to-Last, Pope Joseph the

See: Pope Joseph the Next-to-Last


half-elves 1000
elves 750
humans 500
halflings 80
others 10
Total 2340

Nitnoid is the capital city of Nokwood.



Nitnoid was first founded in an organized way when Ovalt founded Nokwood 2990 years ago.


This patch of ancient forest somehow survived the SHATTERING, so it was used as a gathering place for druids and the like over three thousand years ago as they first planned out the re-building of Zam.


Nitnoid is a multi-layered community on many levels.

Underneath the roots of the oldest of the ancient trees lie the vaults of Ditralis, a renegade Sea Person.

Northside Herbal Supply


Owned and operated by Treydok, this is the best place in town to buy and sell herbs and other magical stuffs. If Treydok doesn't have it, it can't be had in Nitnoid -- and probably not in Nokwood.

Connected with the shop is a teahouse which is frequented by musicians and such.

Down Town


"Ground" level, as best one can guess from this unusual setup, is quite orderly, for a forest. Except for the trunks of the Fivescore, this is all incredibly resilient lawn, with buildings to house horses and the like near each city entrance.

The Ring


About twenty feet above ground level is the Ring. This wonder of druidic ingenuity gains its structure from intertwining boughs of one ring of the Fivescore. The boughs cradle enough dirt and water to sustain the hundreds of (relatively) younger trees, so at a distance the illusion of a normal forest is attempted. The Ring is forty feet from bottom edge of the bough to dirt level, and eighty feet inner edge to outer edge. Underneath the Ring is shadowed, but glass decorations along its edges bounce light around to prevent gloominess.

Above the Ring, the trees soar upward. This area has several sleeping and living platforms.



The roots of the Fivescore, the 100 most ancient central trees, form the ceilings and supports for many an underground cavern. The greatest of these is formed by the Central Ten and is called the Cathedral. The ceiling of mosaics is veined with living wood peaks fifty feet above the central pool. The west wall is covered by a waterfall from the Nok Brook; whose entrance also serves as window to the west. Many of the halflings live in the snugger of the other holes.

The Cathedral


The greatest of the caverns formed by the Central Ten is called the Cathedral. The ceiling of mosaics is veined with living wood peaks fifty feet above the central pool. The west wall is covered by a waterfall from the Nok Brook; whose entrance also serves as window to the west.

Up Top


The trees continue up to four hundred feet high and are punctuated at those heights by the squawks of the birds and the whoops of children.

A few dozen feet lower, there are rope walkways threading among the few adult outposts. These aren't lit at night.

The Crow's Nest

This is manned by two of the City Guard, who watch for whatever they can see. Courier birds are sent here, and there's a minor magic two-way voice contact with Central.

The Tip-Top Club

"You've never loved the ground, I can tell you Bub, 'Till you've gone and had the spins at the Tip-Top-Club"

      - Horace the Porous

This concoction of natural branches, boards, canvas and sailcloth is officially Nitnoid's most elevated bar.

It perches on the highest of Bithnor's branches, with additional support provided by ropes to neighboring trees.

Widow's Walk


Three hundred feet above "ground" level, the branches of the Central Ten form the Widows' Walk, a flower garden/promenade about one hundred feet in diameter.

Aphasia's Tearoom

"I'm at a loss for words!"

      - Mayor Salz


Nation / Forest

This is another forest nation, sitting between Molokai, Toehold, and the Unwanted Mountains.

Norma-Jean Treehollow


Born: 28 May 3538 AS

Father: Sefsun Treehollow

Mother: Edna Kelsoe

Married: Barney Burrows, 23 Jun 3559, Midwood Hall

Children: Brenda Burrows, Claude Burrows

Northside Rest


Owned by:

Jules Treehollow

An inn on the north side of town, it is dug into a hill. Its owner is Jules Treehollow.

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