In 2001, Sonic Wallpaper and friends threw a shindig in Southern Cal called "The Electronic Lounge." Besides the music, they had slide shows. I sent them a bunch of graphics. They're each 1024 by 768 in size, and they're not optimized for web viewing. But they might make nifty desktop pictures.
jj_aflat.jpg -- The word "AlteFlatus," meaning "Old Fart." jj_big3.jpg -- The graphic for my song "Three Against the World."
jj_dechonka.jpg jj_dok_1.jpg
jj_dok_2.jpg jj_KTN002.jpg -- Variations on some fractal stuff.
jj_KTN003.jpg jj_KTN004.jpg
jj_KTN005.jpg jj_glsp_1.jpg -- I took one of the KTN graphics and used it in Bryce to create the glass island.
jj_glsp_2.jpg jj_glsp_3.jpg
jj_glsp_4.jpg jj_glsp_5.jpg
jj_glsp_6.jpg jj_hmz_1.jpg -- Haunts of Molly Zumwalt, a short animation. While others use Bryce to look realistic, I go for the cheap cardboard tabletop look.
jj_hmz_2.jpg jj_hmz_3.jpg
jj_hmz_4.jpg jj_hmz_5.jpg
jj_ogrot.jpg -- Otto's Grotto. jj_peh_1.jpg -- Headgear for my shortlived "Psychic Enemies Hotline" eGroup.
jj_peh_2.jpg jj_peh_3.jpg
jj_peh_4.jpg jj_peh_6.jpg
jj_pyr.jpg jj_reinx.jpg -- Reindeer Xeta, another Bryce thing.
jj_rwap.jpg -- Used this model for the icon for "Ramswart's Approximation." jj_wcat.jpg -- Perhaps the most intentionally "cute" thing I've ever done.

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