Haunt You, Babe

This is the song that wowed everybody.

I was watching a news story on a guy who'd been on a sex offender registry, committed another offense, did time, was released, and had yet further constraints put on his activities.

Sounded to me like his life was down to a list of stuff he couldn't do.

So I wrote a song.

Here's the song. (stream or download)

OR, if you wanna sing it yourself, Here's a MIDI and here are the lyrics:

Haunt You, Babe

I can't kiss your mouth
Or be in your house
I can't watch you go to work

I can't feed your cat
I can't look at that
I can't help being a jerk

They won't let me near you
They make me behave
I can't make them fear you

I guess all I can do is haunt you, babe

I can't get even
Or even get close
I can't seem to catch a break

I can't get lucky
Or use one of those
Things that you once threw my way

I can't get over
How you can control
Such a large agency

They make me back off
They make me hurt
I can't get them out of my way

I guess all I can do is haunt you, babe

I'm out of your face
But not out of your life
I'm just not that easy

Maybe my real world
access is cut off
And maybe the telephone

And even a break-off
of internet contact
Can't keep me from out of your dream

I guess all I can do is haunt you, babe

Anyway, the graphic above is from an animation I've been working on, slowly, for the song's video.

Here are a few more shots from that (click thumbnails for large versions):

HinshBig1 HinshBig2 HinshBig3 HinshBig4