Atonal Acolyte -- Scareware for your Mac!

This is a weird little thing I started writing in HyperCard over a decade ago. It began as "Toon Master," since it was to support running a session of the Toon rpg. Its central engine was a scheduler (with a one-second resolution) that could make table rolls, play sounds and talk.

I removed the Toon-specific stuff and imported it into Runtime Revolution, which claims to be a cross-platform development package. But currently, I can only build for Mac operating systems due to the "student" license I have for RR.

The "project" link, below, is for anybody brave enough to try building it for Windows. (Since it uses speech, linux might not work at all.) The .sit files are standalone builds of it. Update: A few years later, and I've finally tried this under Mac OS X, on an Intel Mac, and it WORKS as well as the OS9 version!

This software was used to create material that has been used in the Hour of Slack radio show!

The Runtime Revolution project -- 633 kb

The "FAT" runtime version, for Mac OS 8/9 -- 1557 kb

The Mac OSX runtime version -- 1860 kb

No warranties or such are made regarding this thing; proceed at your own risk.