Who I'm NOT (not a comprehensive list)

I don't have a Twitter account or a Facebook one. So everybody you encounter there is not me.

Also among the many other people I am not:

I'm not justj0hn, a subterranean scenester from New Jersey.

I'm not the Just John who used to post in rec.gambling.poker.

I'm not the Just John who recorded Rock'n'Roll in the 1950s and who now lives in Australia.

I'm not John Schneider, who snagged just-john.net, after I dropped ownership, along with just-john.org.

I'm neither this Myspace user nor this one.

I'm not this DJ from Kansas, but I really should send him some of my music.

I'm not a bar in St. Louis.

I'm not John Dunkle of SKYP who I only heard of because somebody from a DoJ IP address searched this site for "dunkle" and "SKYP" ... perhaps to keep tabs on ex-Operation Rescue types. (I have also never been associated with Operation Rescue, and generally support womens' rights.)

Oh, and I never watched the TV show Will & Grace, though I hear it was good.