about just john

Okay, so I'm deliberately obscure. I've gone by the handle "just john" since 1989, when I joined Compuserve. There, I was a SysOp of various flavors on RockNet. I moderated events (that would now be called chats) with Neil Gaiman, John Doe and Exene of X, and Webb Wilder.

I also ran some text-based games on RPGAMES.

And I did a thing or two on other venues using that ID.

I moved to concentric.net in the late 1990s. Here's a Google Groups Archive of some posts.

Here's some of my music. In the past, I've had stuff on mp3.com, amp3.net and ampcast.com. Those things are now dead, or in the case of mp3.com, undead.

I've hung around in electronic music fora. It was me who came up with the slogan IF NOT MUSIKA, THEN WHEN!? and I submitted graphics and a bunch of my CDs for Sonic Wallpaper's first Electronic Lounge show.

Some other places I am, sometimes: tumblr (where I've compiled a whole lot of Terry Pratchett quotes among all the other stuff, LiveJournal, Diaspora, Google, DISQUS

(And there are others, but NOT Facebook or Twitter!)