Church of the SubGenius

The ubiquitous dobbshead!

Is it a joke? Is it a cult? Is it a candy mint?

One asking of the question:

Netta Gilboa: What is the Church of the SubGenius?

Ivan Stang: That is a damned good question. We're still trying to figure that one out, ourselves. A lot depends on who is asking. The Church wears many hats; it has to, just to survive, since it doesn't really fit into any one known genre or category, and it infuriates devotees of MANY known genres, categories and denominations.

Here's what we tell people:

In 1953, the holy salesman "Bob" Dobbs discovered that there was a Conspiracy of Normal Humans insidiously robbing away the Slack of the SubGeniuses (the abnormals and nonhuman bipeds) and repressing their vital powers of abnormality -- their Slack. In response, Dobbs created this disorganized religion -- although he didn't go public with it until 1980, when he thought the world might be ready for it. It was a "cult" for mutants, misfits, disbelievers, and those who'd believe anything... a fellowship for gimps, perverts, dope addicts, hippies, those who still read books, sex fiends, victimless criminals, and all the for-real, down home people... the SubGenii: those who look, but aren't, human. And, unfortunately (at least until some rich sucker becomes our "sugar-daddy"), this has to include numberless slogan-spouting, immature, obnoxious nerds, fanboys and geeks -- for without them, we wouldn't even break even.