Ancient-format RealAudio Files

(More of my stuff, mostly from the Eighties) Note that these were encoded in the mid-1990s, using the way RealAudio did things then. In this new century, you'll have to download the files and try a modern RealAudio on them. Happily, some have mp3 versions, albeit not necessarily of any higher fidelity.

Track Time Notes
Haute Down (mp3 version!) 1:03

It's a concertina! It's a hyperactive street organ! It's two, more or less, things in one!

Last Waltz of Murray the Sailor (mp3 version!) 1:29

Murray, old salt, the jig is up.

Yer basic one minute ta-daaah

Actual Footage
Film at 11. Crust at 11:30. Didn't somebody say something once about letting other people get your kicks for you?

Today's Science Spot
(mp3 version!)
Join us as Bunny explains head lice!

Blues Complaint #1
Sooner or later, this happens to everybody.  (Also known as the "LCD Blues.")

Proletarian Syncopations
(mp3 version!)
I don't know; I've never joppled.

An SK-1, a Microverb, a scratch tape...
Histamic 1:25 In Heaven, there is no horseradish... (The official ConCold(TM) theme.)
Crow Headroom blurb 0:20

Machine whispering.

Slouch Hat (mp3 version!) 1:15

This I want to learn on guitar.

July 4, 1984  8:11

The cheapest Apocalypse around. Recorded on the title date with a VL-Tone (a $20 keyboard), an Effectron and a 4-track.  Later, I went to the roof of my D.C. apartment building and almost heard the Beach Boys play.

Seamus' Slow Steps 4:34

I'd have used real bagpipes, but I was living in an apartment.

Route 90 Through Albany 3:22

From the late 1970s, but still accurate. Features electric piano and reverb coil percussion.

Mr. Kips Looking for a Dollar 2:00

Yes, from that Graham Greene novel set in Geneva. Play it at your next Bomb Party!

Mowers Promenade 3:53

Lots of suburban gentility. If Mozart were alive today, he'd drive a TroyBilt.

Hamilton Airport Interlude 0:18

Short and well organized. Honest.

number 37 1:05

As if 36 wasn't exciting enough. No autoharps were damaged during the recording
of this selection.

Monopod Stomp (mp3 version!) 1:15

Put your, well, only foot forward! Another great jj dance track!

Phoned In From a Horse (mp3 version!) 1:54 A nice, traditional-sounding number.
First Citizen 4:33 A version from 1983, with two Casios playing "Bossa Nova" beats at different speeds, Ignatz Plutonium on real drums and me on vox. Placed here largely to give potential karaokeists some idea what the tune is.
Play them all, if you have the ancient RealAudio version that can handle it!