Ye Gods! -- the Rules (third edition)

Ye Gods!

Where the world creation IS the game!


The players play deities and create the universe.

This game is designed for use on any online message system where message
threading is used.

Game Master

Once you've decided to run the game, pick a date when you want it
to expire. Two weeks is a pretty good time limit for this bout of insanity.
Don't plan on getting a heck of a lot of real life stuff done during the
game. The Author ran the first one during a two week vacation.

The game starts when you post a message announcing it. Include the ending
date and time (remember to mention a time zone!) and the player rules (everything
below the title "Players") in the post. For people starting after the initial
posts have scrolled off, either point out this file in the libs or be ready
to repeat the rules.


You join the game by posting your first message, which will be a
reply to an already posted message. This is a description of your PC's birth
(typically from another immortal), or a tie-in to an event. (EG: "And from
that gaping gash in Redbug's gut springs Zeerpma, to whom all electric toasters
shall henceforth owe fealty!") No asking the Game Master -- you're in
automatically. In the event of two claimants to the same domain... Well,
we'll figure that out as we go along. (Note that this means that the first
player message will have to be the basis of the creation myth. Make it good.)

If nothing has been posted for a PC by that PC's player for more than
48 hours, anybody may take over the PC by posting an action. (Then the PC
is that player's until another 48 hour gap.)

The game ends abruptly at the date and time the GM indicates. Then all
the goings on will pass into legend and myth.

Message Rules

(Here's where it gets weird, so pay

Initiating threads is one of the few prerogatives reserved for the Game
Master. ALL player messages must be posted as a reply to somebody else! If
your post is so long that it takes more than one message, split it up into
multiple messages and post them separately.

Events happen in the order of the message posts.

Any player may logically delete any message to or from him. On message
boards where actual deletion is not possible, it may be simulated with a
message identifying the deleted message. The actions in any deleted message
may disappear with an audible *pop*. Or they may not -- depending
on whether the players and GM notice. (No prohibitions on re-posting a
deleted message, but if it happens over and over for the same message, everybody
will probably think you're a jerk.)

... and that's it!

(Check out the relentlessly linked version of this transcript of the first run of this game!)