Chapter 36: Gotterlemmingung

And from this this seething Mass of filth and corruption, there arose: *UBERLEMMING*!

With the powers of Death and Corruption, the Might of Scrubbing Bubba, the Chaotic Disruption of Bifr the Hopeless, the wisdom of Donnar Eed, and the Sword of NOT (used in the casserole by Donnar Eed, who thought it NUTmeg).

*UBERLEMMING* screamed in rage and agony;


The Walls of DeathLand Shattered, and now all on Huge World was subject to his power.

And Lemmings throughout creation screamed in Ecstacy and Terror.


The Third Sign of the End o' The Universe!

And all of the Lemmings everywhere stopped their Jumping, so that they might be Certain of making their next Jump simultaneous with the *UBERLEMMING*.

And atop G.P.'s Hideaway in Pterroland, Ptero and Pterri looked at the metal pincer coming out of the egg. They looked at each other, confused.

Just then, the second egg hatched. And out came the Anti-UBERLEMMING!

Anti-UBERLEMMING screamed in joy and happiness;


And he jumped across Huge World, in the greatest jump ever made by a Lemming, to collide with the UBERLEMMING in stinky Deathland.

What would happen when the UBERLEMMING and Anti-UBERLEMMING collided? Would Huge World disappear in a Huge matter/anti-matter explosion? Could it be saved?

And some of the Lemmings on the Ground beneath Anti-UBERLEMMING tried to follow his Shadow so as to be present at the Collision between Anti-UBERLEMMING and the *UBERLEMMING*.

As the deadline neared, the Huge World started to waver and fade into myth.

"Now I know how Tyrone Slothrop felt!" shouted a Person of AGAR AGAR.

Salk felt a numbness in his extremities and, when slapping his hands together didn't help, he realized this was a sign of the coming End. Accordingly, he made sure all his followers had plenty of drugs, and the greens were nice and clean. Then he trotted off to his Final Hockey Game.

"Time, gentlemen, please!" rang the cry over all the hockey courses in Salk Land...

Havoc, wreaked no more, crept unto the bosons and varied their gravitational constant, raising it to levels unheard of. And all those things which had been cast out into the Void came crashing back onto Huge World.

Those which had been Lemmings went WHEEEEEEEEE!!!!!

And Crow gathered the Launch Codes from the noses of lemmings and Teenagers, and declared himself a Duly Constituted Command Authority.

Crow went unto an AGAR AGAR, crying *CAW*!

Then AGAR AGAR did duplicate Crow (twice).

And the Crows did cast the Launch Codes unto the nuclear weapons, who exploded in joy!

And *UBERLEMMING* and *UNTERLEMMING* (nee` Anti-*UBERLEMMING*) did crash together in mighty combat!