Chapter 31: Ludvig's Query

Meanwhile, in some land or another across the sea, Ludvig wondered just where in the heck he was.

"Where the heck am I?" wondered Ludvig.

He was NoWhere, and many of his followers told him so. "You're NoWhere, man," they said.

Ludvig cried out, "Don't give me that Zen crapola! You know it gives me Headaches! Now you guys, never mind where we ARE, it's where we're GOING!"

His supporters Ooohed and Aaaahed over Ludvig's Positive, Motivated Outlook.

He continued, "It's time we show these lemming-come-latelys Who's Boss!"

"Er, that would be the Great Pterodactyl, wouldn't it?" said one who will Die Soon and thus does not need a Name.

Ludvig retorted, his voice gaining power as he spoke. "Once there was One Pterodactyl and He Was Boss, no doubt about It. But things have changed, haven't they? His Nest is no longer free from treason. Is the Great Pterodactyl the same Great One as he was in the Good Old Days?"

"NO!" came the unanimous roar in reply.