Chapter 30: Havoc Will Travel

And Havoc fled across the universe, though not faster than light (since he had not the arrogance of the unscientific Bubba who exceeds the speed of the Light in the Vacuum of Might (possibly Not) without the dignity of a suitable pseudoscientific doubletalk drive).

Within that aching void, he found the nuclear weapons, amongst whom there was was much wailing and lamentation, for they were unable to serve their Lord and Master, the OverLord of Death etc., for nowhere in creation were there Launch Codes.

And Havoc gathered up the nuclear weapons, and carried them unto the demi-God Hero Ludvig, Champion of Lemmings.

"Mighty Ludvig, Here are the piteous nuclear weapons, more powerful than the beak of the Great Pterodactyl, yea stronger even than the Vacuum of Might! With them you may restore the Good Old Days (falsely so called)."

"Of course, If you or any of your Flatulent Lemming Force (FLF) are caught or made into pies, the Secretary will disavow any knowledge of your actions."

But still, there were no Launch Codes. And the Lemmings scurried around, wondering about this mystery of Codes. And, except for one foolish young Lemming who insisted that he had a Code id his Doze, none would claim to fathom them.

The Great Pterodactyl waddled outside with Donnar Eed, politely waited for the lemming crowd to climb on (on the off-chance he'd want an in-flight snack) and winged off back to his Hideaway.

On the return trip, several of the flatulating lemmings fell off and rained on the already smelly domain of Death, where they'd hardly be noticed -- except for the one or two who bounced off his Deathness as he talked to Incompetence et al. Soon Ptero arrived back on the mountaintop to rejoin Pterri, who was quite full from all the lemmings begging to be Eaten.