Chapter 27: Ludvig Plots

In No land, the mighty, darksome Ludvig, clambered out of his hole. He went among those at the yet extremely comfortable villa called Nowheresville, and spoke to the high priests of the Clot of Incontinence. He proposed a pact between his people and those of the Clot, and found that in fact, their Lord was one in the same.

Together, with the sorcerous might bred for thousands of years underground in the bowls of various worlds, Ludvig's demigod powers, and the prayers of the Clot, they summoned one who would have the power to address all their grievances.

The great circle of Clot and dark lemmings was silent, waiting.

And from the dimness, came a sound mournful as the end of time. And among them strode Muddy Waters, and his guitar.

Unto the people of the Clot and the race of the dark lemmings, Muddy Waters gave the Blues.

And that was the birth of the blues.



Reds (Invented by Salk, along with a lot of other pills)

Greens (Kept by Salk's employees)

Black & White (from Donnar Eed)

The cosmos was beginning to shape up, chromatically.

If any non-dark or unClotted lemmings had been present, they could have told Ludvig, "This isn't the same world any more!" And they would have been right! For instance, tho Ludvig and the Dark Lemmings were too addled with their mad schemes to realize it, the mouth of the cave had not even been in the same land as when they entered. Perhaps they chalked it up to being a travelling cave?

Also, Ludvig knew not of the existence of the new, gas-free lemmings! The old style lemmings had only the discovery of fire barring them from jet propulsion, but the new breed were weaker. And like weaklings, they could sneak up (or fall) on foes without their odor giving them away.

But it soon came to pass that far fewer of the teens with picks returned from the field trips to G.P.'s Hideaway.