Chapter 24: Goron Visits Salk


Goron suddenly appeared before Salk, in his customary smart black business suit and maroon tie. But right now, his face made his Tie look pale. He spoke through his teeth, sounding a lot like the godfather.

"My good man, Salk. I thought we had an understanding. I thought that there was a sort of trust between us. Friendship. Now, in the name of friendship, I will ask you, once. Please do not do this thing. Remove all the valium that you have created from the universe."

Salk replied to Goron: "But don't you see, man, this drug is great for both of us! I'll get people started on it, then you convince 'em they need to quit...they'll get plenty of suffering that way, believe me. I built somethinginto valium (and quaaludes) that I like to call Withdrawal Symptoms(tm).