Chapter 23: Ptero, Re-Affirmer

The Great Pterodactyl awakened from a short nap atop his twice or thrice reconstructed Hideaway.

"Brack," he said. "Hey, isn't this a different world? Where are all my wonderful lemmings?"

Noticing that Donnar Eed had apparently forgotten the bouncy lemmings, Ptero recreated them in his own land. The new lemmings multiplied, bounced without splatting and had no flatulence woes.

They combined all the best elements of all the former lemmings. Their new king was King Leopold II, largest of the lemmings.

Also, the randomly changing landscape of Pterroland began randomly changing again to give the lemmings a variety of falling experiences.

Meanwhile, Ptero and Pterri munched on a Pizza From Nowhere and kept an eye on those big eggs ...

But what of the original lemmings? What of those of the original models who travelled through horrible hazards across the other lands to return to Pterra Land? Were they to be shunned for their eructions? Also, no small number still hid among the Great Pterodactyl's tail scales, waiting for a flight to distant places and passing the time by playing canasta.

And it came to pass that some of the Lemmings originally launched by the Great Pterodactyl had been floating in Space all this Time. And their Trajectories had been altered by the Actions of Donnar Eed and her Vacuum. Noticing the Similarity between Pterra Land and the original Great Pterodactyl's World, they redirected their Courses (in an unspecified Manner) to interject with it. And they successfully reached that Land. And there was much Rejoicing.