Chapter 22: Not Waiting to Inhale

Not liking the unstoppable annihilative forces very much, Donnar Eed sucked them up into her Vacuum of Might and spewed them forth into Eternity. "Let them work on Eternity and see how long it will take for those upstart forces to learn their lesson!"

She then sucked up *every* world and pulled out of her bag Huge World, where *each* god had his/hers/its own Land. Among the many Lands (an incomplete list:)

  • Eed Land: Teens in trouble!
  • Disease Land: the arch nemesis of Salk Land
  • Salk Land: full of pills
  • Pterra Land: The Great Pterodactyl and Dactylette in nest with two Eggs and lots of newspaper spread around.
  • No Land: Which was nowhere. Contains Ludwig's cave and a part of Pizza Land (hey, where did that pizza come from? Nowhere, man.)
  • AGAR AGAR Land: Actually two of them in tandem as a pair.

There was now a bridge connecting each land and Donnar Eed was sending over to all her neighbors a casserole.

Donnar Eed then went to visit the Overlord of Death in the newly created Death Land. Standing in front of the Death Lord, she smiled ever so confidently, "There you go, honey. I heard you complaining that you didn't have a place on Giant World, so I included you on Huge World. I even started you off by strewing about some death and decay. Bye!"

She went to give him a peck on the cheek but decided against it when she saw the maggots in the eye sockets. Donnar Eed left. The Overlord of Death looked about his new Land and did indeed see death and decay. In fact he saw billions of discrete elements of death and decay strewn about his new Land each wrapped in its own hermetically sealed plastic baggie.

Those whose land bordered on Death Land gazed forlornly over their (all too short) connecting bridges to that grim, yet rather tidy, place.

It at this moment that the term "Good Old Days" first started gaining popular usage.