Chapter 21: The Divine um... I Forgot

And it came to pass that a procession of the Priests of Salk were venturing forth, all armed with their Divine Eng rods and their cute PEZ-like pill dispensers when they happened upon members of the Clot of Incontinence.

The CoI groups leader said unto the Priests, "Oops, did we wander onto your turf?"

The High Priest spake: "Don't .... Er.... Sweat ... it , man..." for he was truly one who had had a Taste of his Own Medicine.

The CoI leader, after ritually falling backwards and hurting himself Somewhat, said, "That's good. Hey, we were wondering -- a while back, did you notice anything funny happening.. Y'know, ground moving abruptly, people screaming and dying, big rocks in the sky.. stuff like that.. Hello? Anybody home?" The last was because the Priests had all passed out.

The Clot of Incontinence members were sore impressed -- here were obviously mortals who shared the same outlook on life as they did. They all swore an Oath (well, several Oaths, but one was not a Spontaneous Response to bumping into something) to aid Salk and his priests whenever they needed it most.

They said "Take this magical Soap onna Rope and it will summon us, tho we be many leagues apart. Here. Oh. Aren't ANY of you awake? Okay, um, I'll just hang it on .. you .. and um, okay.. Well, that's done.. Hey guys, let's go get some sushi.."

And when the Priests came to, Bertram discovered the Soap onna Rope hanging about his neck and down his back. He vowed, from that day forth, to learn the bagpipes.