Chapter 20: Things that make you go "BOOM!"

The unstoppable annihilative forces gripped the Great Planet and tore it asunder! Many died and several more were severely put out! Huge chunks went winging off into space. Some of the major ones had some relation to the lands they came from and became known for the surviving landspeople thereon.

For instance, there was:

  • Eed World -- Donnar and many of her teens
  • Disease World, which also had a large chunk of one AGAR AGAR Land
  • Puck World -- Salk and his Hockeyites, but also with an enclave of the Clot of Incontinence
  • Pterra -- Home of the Great Pterodactyl and most of the Lemmings, but with generous helpings of AGAR AGAR Land, some teenagers and half of Pizzeria
  • NoWorld -- containing NoWhere, NoWheresVille, Ludvig's Cave and the other half of Pizzeria
  • AGAR AGAR World -- which declared itself the REAL AGAR AGAR World
  • AGAR AGAR World -- which also declared itself the REAL AGAR AGAR World

Many lemmings were thrown into Deep Space and fell forever. For them, this is as close to paradise as it Got.

In the midst of all the Carnage, Salk hastily attempted to assemble an actual priesthood among the inhabitants of Puck World. He instructed them all to wear large divining rods around their Necks, and provided them with huge quantities of drugs to dispense to anybody needing them.

He also created valium, since many people were in dire need of it at this point.