Chapter 16: Pterri Drops By

Then, with the invention of different sexes, arrived a female Great Pterodactyl to his nest.

"Call me Pterri!" she said.

The Great Pterodactyl was much happier. And soon it came to pass there were not one but two Great Eggs in the nest -- perhaps a lingering side effect of devouring the AGAR AGAR copy earlier.

Meanwhile, in the land of the lemmings, the furry creatures had great fun jumping into the bottomless pits with trampolines and falling off all the new things in their land.

"Wheeee! *fart*" was the constant refrain, since they had not yet reversed the unfortunate flatulence granted them by some godling or another.

Every few hours, old mountains collapsed and new mountains rose, so the lemmings had a constant variety of things to plummet off.

The giant lemming created by Donnar Eed soon became the best climber and greatest faller of the lemmings, surpassing even Ludvig, and the awed lemmings named him King Leopold of the Lemmings.

But Ludvig was torn by bitterness, and with a few other malcontent lemmings (mostly ones who *liked* splatting before it was outlawed in the lands of G.P.) slunk off into deep caves to become the fearsome .... Dark Lemmings!

The soundtrack musicians -- those not in the string section which was doing most of the ominous sawing -- stood poised at their xylophones, tubas, trombones, kazoos, whistles, tympani, duck calls and assorted noisemakers, for they knew who Ludvig's tutor REALLY was.