Chapter 12: Tips for Teens, Part 1

Donnar Eed then set about cleaning up after the teenagers who started throwing cream pies at each other. "This will never do," she muttered to herself, "their social interactions are not just complicated enough to challenge my helping skills." So she sucked up the teenagers and pulled out from the bag half a million boy teenagers and half a million girl teenagers. She gave them a sex drive for the opposite sex. She made them mature at different rates and caused acne to appear the day of a date. "Now, I can *really* start to help them." Donnar Eed then smiled to herself and thought, "I feel so good, they *need* me!"

And the other mortals (the non-teenager ones) said "Hey! That looks neeto!" in an effort to sound teenageish. "Howzabout we get to be boys and girls, too?"

Many of the teenagers, fearing for more help and trying to assert their autonomy, flew away (no one has invented gravity yet, those poor lemmings fall for no good reason!) to the other continents and thus started to populate the Giant World.

One night, Crow flew quietly over to Donnar Eed's Giant world, and crept into the bedrooms of a few million of the sex-crazed teenagers (kind of a santa-clause thing) while they slept fitfully, and chanted all manner of bizarre things into their ears, so that when they woke in the morning, they began to sublimate like mad. They studied the processes of nature (such as they were, at this young point in the universe) *very* intently, made up games to compete at, erected inane monoliths, spent time doing "Art," and generally acted in an exceedingly bizarre fashion. Art, a rather mediocre lemming, saw this and went "Aw, gee guys, ya shouldn'ta!"