Chapter 7: Pterrifying Pfeats

The Great Pterodactyl returned from his latest battle with the lemming demi-god Ludvig, in which Ludvig had been hurled into another of those pesky bottomless pits, to find a pile of lemmings on his mountain.

"Brack," G.P. said. "You want to visit other worlds, eh?"

So the Great Pterodactyl proceeded to teach his worshipers of the sacred lever. Flying off, he picked up a huge log, balanced it on his mountaintop and bade the lemmings to gather on one end.

Then the Pterodactyl dropped a boulder on the other end, hurling the lemmings across the galaxy, where they would surely find new and amazing things to fall off of.

His mountaintop cleared, the Great Pterodactyl began to build a huge nest.

"Brack," the Pterodactyl said.

And nobody thought to ask "Hey, why didn't ol' G.P. just carry those guys up there?"

And it came to pass that upon a few of the peopled worlds of AGAR AGAR which the lemmings' trajectory interjected, the lemmings landed amongst the beach parties, yea, they augured into the swamps, the steppes, even the mock-Mediterranean courtyards adjoining the trailer courts. (And due to a typo -- 'interjected' for 'intersected' -- The lemmings were all shouting things like "Hey!" and "Yikes!" and "Golly!" as they hit the worlds of AGAR AGAR.)

And while the people weren't exactly ecstatic at this furry incursion from the sky, they did begin to sing: "It's lemmings, they're pouring / The Great Pterodactyl's roaring!"

However, two lemmings, who were followers of Incompetence to such a extreme degree that despite long attempts to fall from great heights they were totally unscathed, hid themselves among the Great Pterodactyl's tail scales and hoped the Great One would fly somewhere interesting and life threatening.

And, lo! The Lot of the Lemmings had not been improved one Whit by their Explorations. And so those who has survived the Journey began to multiply further, against such Time as they should be able to continue their Journey.