Chapter 5: Incompetence!

Of course, eternity had been bifurcating for a while now (oh, excuse me... pardon me...), and as they split and split and split, the immanent waters were getting kinda muddy, the way you always imagined a public swimming pool that wasn't filtered or chlorinated for a whole summer would get. So pretty quick, the water wouldn't hold a reflection.

The last copy to be made, then was a sorry, smeared, botched piece of work indeed. He got up, looked around, saw that most everybody was off looking at Ptero's world or something.

He proclaimed "I am incompetence! I am ineptitude and insignificance incarnate! I think the waters getting muddy and my existence have something to do with the recent spread of chaos into the universe. I am the patron of whiners and the petty! I am master of unluck and the jinxed! Dread my coming, for I may not leave soon!"

And Incompetence cleared his throat noisily, spat on his own foot, and went shambling off to look for a job.

And nobody in particular listed what existed:

  • Light (Or, perhaps, the Creator)
  • 2 to the 16th power (4096) Befts/Godlings, including one called Incompetence
  • One (1) Great Pterodactyl
  • One (1) Great Pterodactyl's World, containing:
    • Oodles (>23) of lemmings
    • Pits, some bottomless
    • Mountains, including G.P.'s Hideaway
  • One (1) Demigod Lemming named Ludvig
  • One (1) Crow, lord of strife, trickster god, notary public
  • One (1) AGAR AGAR, Lord of plague, pestilence, disease, dentistry and redundancy
  • Thousands (>1000), <10000) of AGAR AGAR's worlds containing
    • People, many of whom were having a beach party
    • A modicum of Chaos
    • Some Muddy Water
    • That's some *Muddy Waters*, said nobody in particular.

And from them rose a being quite separate from eternity, being the result not of eternity but of the waters. It appeared as a man and a guitar, but the guitar was as much a part of the being as was the man.

And the man, Muddy Waters, travelled the universe, singing, a style of music that owed fealty to the waters and not to eternity. Thus did Muddy Waters, lord of the blues, come into the universe.

And some other lemmings looked even further up, to AGAR AGAR's worlds full of people with good teeth and sighed: "Wow! Those'd be such gnarly places to fall from! We could almost fall forever! And such weird music coming from them!"

So some tried to imagine Ways to get to those worlds..