Chapter 6: Going Forth; Multiplying..

And, in an effort to resist the Depredations of the Great Pterodactyl, the Lemmings had developed Multiplication. And a few Malcontents among protested this new Technique, saying "We cannot use Multiplication until we have agreed whether the Number of Befts is 4096 or 2 to the 16th Power." And they climbed G.P.'s Hideaway and would not come down despite all the Pleas of the other Lemmings. But the vast Majority of the Lemmings ignored those few Malcontents and proceeded to apply the Technique of Multiplication to the Problem of reaching the Worlds of AGAR AGAR. And they eventually decided to continue to multiply until they had formed a great Pile upon which they could climb to the Worlds of AGAR AGAR.

And so it came to pass that the Great Pterodactyl's World came to have piles even before some god(ling) thought of it as another way to harass the weak.

And AGAR AGAR returned from distributing dental hygienists bearing small pox among his worlds, and saw the great changes that had taken place on a few of his worlds and he quoth. " You are too small minded my people, your thoughts are too limited. Acknowledge my reign of redundancy and plague, because I am the lord of both. And remember that the number of Befts is both 4096 and 2 to the 16th power, and 4 to the 6th, and......" and the people of the world lost the rest of the sentence, because AGAR AGAR was creating thousands of worlds exactly like each of the worlds that differed from the rest of his worlds. And then he noticed that there were other gods that had been causing these changes, so he performed two mighty works. First, he sent 2^12 locust dentists to each of these new gods, and then he duplicated himself, forming new and identical copies of AGAR AGAR. They then dispatched a copy of AGAR AGAR to each of the new gods, to watch over them, and ensure that their actions were redundant, pestilential, and in keeping with good dental hygiene.

And each of the new gods found upon their own copy of AGAR AGAR instructions and a list.

And the instructions said unto them, in part:

"Put your name at the bottom of this list. Make five more copies of AGAR AGAR and send them to five friends...."

CAW! Said Crow, seeing the locusts. Lunch!