Chapter 3: The Coming of the Great Pterodactyl

Suddenly a thunderclap sounded.


And, floating in the airless void, was the Great Pterodactyl.

"Braaaacckkk," said the Pterodactyl, looking around. "How boring. And I need a place to land."

So, with another thunderclap, the Great Pterodactyl created a world, floating next to it in the void.

"Brraaaackkk," said the Pterodactyl. "Much better."

The bifurcated-eternity-fly-things by the water saw the world the Great Pterodactyl had made.

One b.e.f.t. turned to another and said "Hey, maybe we should go over there!"

The other responded, "You go first. Me, I'm pterofied!"

The world floated next to the Great Pterodactyl, all new and bright. Bright because of the Light, which was still everywhere. It had plenty of landing space, both land and water.

At this point, the light was shining forth upon:

  • Some water
  • 2 to the 16th power befts, some of whom were quietly talking among themselves.
  • One (1) Great Pterodactyl
  • One (1) Great Pterodactyl's World

And because the existence of a predator (the Great Pterodactyl) required the existence of prey, the planet (the Great Pterodactyl's World) was suddenly occupied by small, furry creatures (from Alpha Centauri -- no, wrong story). And the creatures looked at the Great Pterodactyl and proclaimed, "RUN AWAY!" And did so.

The world had furry things scrambling all over it. The Great Pterodactyl noticed them as he landed on a mountaintop.

The mountain where the Great Pterodactyl landed was henceforth called "G.P.'s Hideaway." Legend had it that it was a primo place to fall off of.

They scrambled into the water and drowned. They scrambled into the forests, where trees fell on them. They scrambled into the mountains, where rockslides hit them. They scrambled off cliffs.

"Brack," said the Great Pterodactyl, munching on a few of the non-dead furry things. "I will call you ... lemmings."

"OK," the lemmings replied, as they scrambled into a nearby bottomless cavern.