Chapter 2: AGAR AGAR

And the sky split in two, and a dark figure appeared, propelled by a godly hiking boot. And as he fell from the heavens he saw the people of this world, and he saw that they were redundant. So he stopped his fall and proclaimed: "I am AGAR AGAR!! Lord of plague, pestilence, disease, dentistry and redundancy, you are my chosen people!!! You are the people who I will chose to visit with plague and dentistry, since I am the god of those, and redundancy as well." And he created thousands of worlds each exactly like the first.

The people bowed down, for AGAR AGAR had a name which rhymed -- it also had a beat you could dance to, albeit briefly.

They split into two lines, tenors facing basses and began to rejoice in a kinda Frankie Avalon beach party sorta way.

(Roughly to the tune of "My Boyfriend's Back":)

Tenors: O, he's the Lord of plague! pestilence! disease! redundancy!
   Basses: AGAR AGAR!
Tenors: And something called "Dentistry" We can hardly wait 'n see.
   Basses: AGAR AGAR!

And when the crate of lobsters fell from the sky, things got... somewhat better...

But there was still no beer or surf or scantily clad hot babes (or even the concept thereof) so the people secretly were ashamed at their silliness.