jj's music

I'm a pre-post-postmodern composer and recording artist.  My music has been noted for scaring animals, and it has been featured on Scooter's The Inner Side radio show (especially #81) and some other SubGenius shows, as well as the Le Vestibule radio show in Canada, a very well-known and respected nation!

I've been recording music for decades, since shortly after I learned as a tot that simply yelling with a reel of tape near my mouth was not how to do it. I soon got the hang of taping, and in the 80's I started bending computers to my sonic will.

And now you can play my stuff on fancy-schmantzy professional music hosts!

For the streaming and the downloading.

SoundClick -- has the largest selection of jj music.

SoundCloud is where I've been tossing things for other people to mess with.

Archive.org also has many tracks, in formats ranging from full fidelity masters to compact .ogg files.