America Takes Aim!

Notice those cannons and howitzers and other big guns on display, in parks and in front of buildings? Ever look to see what those guns are aimed at? Ever wonder why those guns are aimed that way?

Original announcement:

BIOU13's joke about being canonized and who has the keys to the cannon reminded me.

A few years back, I had an idea for a project. You see all those cannons we have in monuments and in front of libraries and such? What are they protecting us from?

So a friend and I spent a few days in and around Poughkeepsie, photographing ceremonial cannons, and then getting behind each cannon, sighting down the barrel and photographing THAT, which shows us what the cannon is aimed at.

We found that Poughkeepsie cannons were protecting us from northbound traffic on Route 9, from Clinton Avenue traffic and especially one scrawny tree next to a bar. Two cannons, a few hundred feet apart, had that tree in their sights.

Unfortunately, my friend became insane and butthurt and generally estranged from the world before I could get the photos from his camera, so as far as pics go, I'm back to square zero.

But perhaps now, years later when everybody has cameras in their phones, you guys could just remember this project when in your journeys, and start accumulating more pictures.